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Lucille dressed for a saturday night!Lu at the Rum Boogie on Beale Street in Memphis, Tn. Jack Cuthrell on bass. Rick Lewis (not seen) is on DrumsGary U.S, Bonds and Lucille on stage at the Stone Pony. Bruce Springsteen was in the audiences that night  watching his mentor. Lu in the Studio with Little Steven & Gary U.S. Bonds Lu with Norman Bryant on Bass in Paris, Fr. Norm was one of the most talented and loyal bassist I ever had the pleasure to work with. His life was tragically cut short and I will always miss him. Memphis Slim, Michele Denis and Lucille on stage at the Lone Star in N.Y.C. Memphis Slim and Lucille share a moment on the Lone Star stage in N.Y.C. Slim tried to blame me but I didn't do it. Lucille & Garland Jefferys in concert at Central Park, NYC   Jimmy Whitherspoon and Lucille after performances at a festival in Germany. Jimmy hung out with my band and me because we were the only ethnics there. Little Steven and Lucille in a New York studio session. Lucille communicating with her audience in Paris. Lillian, Lucille's mom, opened Lucilles show in Paris and showed those Parisians what the blues is. Lionel Hampton and Lucille at a  band picnic in Vermont; Lucille got to know Lionel, through her drummer, Wally Gator,  who was also Lional's drummer. So with nothing to do, one weekend, she went on tour with Lionel Hampton and his orchestra. Little Milton, Lucille and BB King backstage after our  concerts  in Vickburg, Ms. I was Little Milton's guitarist, then. Milton said to B.B. "I got me a Lucille, too." and  B.B. told Milton, "I like your Lucille best." The late Norman Bryant &Lucille in Memphis, preparing to leave for the recording studio. James Cotton was in the audience for Lucilles Show in San Diego, Ca. Lucille and Deborah Coleman at the BottleNeck BluesBar at Ameristar Casino in Vicksburg Ms.Lucille and Rapper Schooley D who was in the movie, too. Albert King and Lucille on stage at the Village Gate in NYC. Matthew Modine and Lucille in Miami's, South Beach, on the set of Abel Ferrara's 'The Blackout.'   Web LuRickNel4270_1.jpg (56233 bytes)Memphis Slim and Lucille after their show at the Lone star. This pic was a calendar cover. Matthew Modine and Lucille on the same set.  Abel Ferrara had hired his 3 favorite musicians. Joe Delia, rapper, Schooley D,pictured in the bottom left of the snapshot and Lucille . Sometimes a jam would ensue and Matthew and Abel (closet musicians in there own right) would jump on board and filming would stop and the party would begin. Paul Shaffer and Lucille after they'd performed on the Richard Belzer, HBO comedy special.   Lucille and Lillian; Mom  was so excited with our impending European tour. She was to open my shows singing  her wonderful original songs.  Listen to her on my CD page. Abel Ferrara and Lucille clowning on his movie set, The Blackout. Joe_Delia and Lucille on the movie set in Miami. We were all down there to write songs and perform them in Able's movie, "The Blackout".  Katie Websters guitarist/band leader, Vasti Jackson and Lucille,  dropped by for a chat with Lonnie Mack, after his show at "MANNY's CAR WASH" in NYC. Lucille & Zigaboo jamming in mutual pal Pete Cushnie 's garage. Zigaboo use to play for the Funky Meters but now has his own solo career. T'was an early morn when R.L. Burnside and wife came by to pick up Lucille to go somewhere to perform.  Lord knows where it was too early in the morning to remember. Lucille_on_Red The-All-Ghoul-Band, Halloween in the RockiesThis is how a swamp girl looks when residing 8500 feet upLucille's first gig in NYC was with Memphis Slim at the Village Gate. The other guitarist is local legend Robert Ross who couldn't resist jumping on stage and playing a couple of blues songs with themLucille on her knees and playing the bluesLucille and The Delta TornadosHerb Ellis, Charlie Byrd, Lucille and ? backstage after our performanes at the Ocho Rio Jazz Fest. in Jamaica.While on an elevator ride,I had the nerve to ask this lil ole man, who just happen to be carrying a guitar,could he play that thang. Turned out to be Charlie Byrd.Lucille at a Rayville, La. festival.Brownie Mcgee and Lucille at a gig on a yacht in San Francisco bay. At one time Brownie and Lucille shared the same booking agent who introduced them.

  Les Paul and Lucille at the opening  of the new Gibson/Steinberger store in NYC. To make Lucille smile for the camera,   Les  grabbed her waist and said," shrink in that belly."  Or was he trying to cop a feely? Lucille at the Bitter End Club in the West Village of N.Y.C. Husband John, at work in our recording studio.Digital Mantra, John & Lucille's recording studioDigital Mantra, John & Lucille's recording studioLucille

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